Tuesday, December 19, 2006

drunken ramblings at almost xmas

I'm almost at zmas, it's just before xmas and I'm a bit tipsy and an ickle hyper and possibly a bit maudling too.

Plus my spelling has gone to shit. It's the booze I blame and the short days. If you saw the amount of words I've had to correct in the previous sentences you'd sentence me to spelling school.

So on the plus side I've had a drinkie and I'm feeling happy. I bought some random shoes and they're very nice so that's nice. Finally bought the kris kindel, I hate kris kindel, it's unnecessary and a bit annoying. Wouldn't it be nicer if people in my work just liked each other enough to go for a casual pint instead of 52 weeks of hatred and one day of gift swapping. Nah, kris kindel is for sadsers, of which I must be one if I'm partaking.

But the shoes I bought are nice.


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