Thursday, October 26, 2006

strange haircuts

Ho hum, I despair of ever trying to keep up with the kids.

Is it the early signs of freaking out due to my recent twenty-ninth birthday, or was I right to ask for that fringe?

I look in the mirror and think, 'that's different, funky almost. It definitely reminds me of something'.

Then I walk away humming and smiling, I walk away with a swagger as I go. Suddenly I'm imagining all sorts of daffodils and strawberries and happiness. Life is good, I think to myself, and it is great to be at an age where you can express yourself through your hair-do.

I catch a glimpse of my reflection, and inwardly without even realising, I remember, 'it's that guy from Spinal Tap, that's who I look like.'

Suddenly the pink and yellow turns lurid and I realise that I have to wear this zigzag fringe until it grows out.

Flashbacks to a spot I had at the age of seventeen, thinking creatively I adhesed a plaster to my face. This created hoots of hilarity in a male schoolmate, who insisted I reveal my growth.

Naively I did, to which he said,

'Jesus, I can see it growing - I swear!'

I recoiled, saying 'really?'

'Yeah - in front of my eyes, it's BLEEDIN MASSIVE. Oh my God...'

'WHAT' I shrieked

'Jesus... That's WEIRD' he said

My hand quickly travelled to my face


Blah. I still haven't learnt my lesson. Tskch, what was I thinking.

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