Thursday, October 26, 2006

an otherwise insignificant day

Winter began today, I can feel it. The trees were shivering off their leaves, and the sky was crying and wailing the end of autumn.

I am cosy, tucked up in my warm house with a big mug of coffee, ten pages into a good book. I pause just for a few minutes to write this and to make a token gesture at writing a hundred words or so onto my story.

The night howls away outside and I sigh, it's good to be at home after a boring day in work and a busy evening doing drama and having chats.

Later, briefly I considered doing something, or as I often do now, spending time agonising over finding direction for my rudderless state and resulting gloom of doom, but no, I smiled contentedly and decided instead to salute the changing of the seasons through adorning my feet with slipper-socks.

Otherwise, apart from brief daydreams about pumpkins and halloween, and making a resolution to be nice to other drivers, which resulted in many waves from fellow road-users, it was an insignificant day for me.

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