Monday, October 09, 2006

a few of my favourite things.

In an effort to Pollyanna all the ills of the world to rights, these are a few of my favourite things that happened today:

Smell - Leftover blueberry cake from Superquinn.

Moment - Blissed out in yoga class during relaxation, feeling absolutely nothing / Nice txt from someone saying thank you for something I almost forgot I did weeks ago.

Laugh - Larry David and Ted Danson scrapping in Episode 1 of Third Series, Curb your Enthusiasm / Black humoured comment in work, that I can't repeat here...

Taste - Last glug of my cappuchino at lunchtime

Sound - Distant sound of the washing machine through the floor while I write is really cosy

Recent Memory - Swimming yesterday and being underwater listening to the sounds above / Reaching 68,000 words at 1am this morning

I was hoping for some profundity in my analysis, but retrospectively it was just an uneventful day.

you say you got to 68,000 words what are you writing about
Thanks for commenting - writing a book. Slowly. Badly. Still, I'm enjoying it, and hit 75,000 words recently, phew!
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