Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why it's important not to let bad things get you down

Life in Dublin can grind even the perkiest bunny down at times. Granted the weather is casting a beautiful golden glow across the city, and as such it is hard to imagine being annoyed.

However, even when the sun isn't out, it is probably best to avoid bad things getting you down.

Take last Saturday night. After a lovely day hanging out with nice people, and an evening watching Firefly (it's a bug, I've darn caught it like these folks) I was on my way to a party in Stoneybatter. Wandering along chatting on a nice quiet warm evening. Lovely. WHAM:

Splash all over me goes a can of cider. Probably Olde English or Linden Village I suspect, not even Bulmers.

Smell central. Wet central.

The smell of burning rubber and the monkey calls of skangers echoed around.

It was sticky.

My initial reaction was to wonder 'what is it about me that made them throw that can of cider at me?' In that few seconds I even thought to myself 'they are the type of people who would be perfect at carrying out a genocide' (tend to over-react). Then more practical:

'Was it my outfit, my dress was a bit groovy. Or maybe the way my hair was, how we were laughing and joking, enjoying the evening?

I always liked Stoneybatter.

I've always hated skangers, since the first time I met one back in 1988. Silkies we called them then on account of their tracksuits. The female variety wore their hair scraped back into a ponytail and constantly tried to bully me with their witty repartée about my choice of outfit, and when they failed miserably just shouting or trying to beat me up. I was never beaten up, and besides I was able to take the mick, but still...'

I was having flashbacks.

I had a choice:

a. be furious and let it get me down.
b. laugh it off and go enjoy the party

1988 is a long time ago, and besides, I wanted to go to the party and I wanted to have fun. So I got over it. And I'm glad. The party was good, the people were interesting. I might have sourced French lessons and I got a lesson in playing decks. That was far more productive than spending an hour railing like a right-wing freak about eugenics being a proposed solution for skangers.

I'm happy with the choice. And besides, life inevitably tosses us really awful things from time to time, and if we spend most of the time enjoying the little things, then maybe the bad times won't be so awful and then we'll have good memories to buffer us against little blips in our lives of relative ease.

Of course, all this sanctimonious waffle is a bit hypocritical as typically I am the first to get in a right too-do about low level yuck, so if this were a hat, I would be chewing its ribbon, etcetera.

Sorry you had such a horrible encounter with a can of cider but glad you enjoyed the party.

I come from the epicentre of skangerdom, Ballymun, and I absolutely share your disgust for them. It's like they've degenarated from the human condition. And I hate people who waffle on about them being disadvantaged, victims of social deprivation etc. There are loads and loads of people from poor backgrounds who don't act like that. Besides, most skangers are well-off from robbing and selling drugs.

Expand on the eugenics idea, please.
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