Tuesday, July 11, 2006

people who have more interesting jobs than me

This weekend I met a lady with an infinitely more interesting job than I and yet in typical Irish fashion, she politely tried to convince me that my life was equally interesting.

In possibly the most random place in Ireland for a chocolate factory, in the middle of nowhere in a beauty spot on the Ring of Kerry, this lady and I discussed her lot while she chopped the sweets and I chewed. And the chocolate was divine - all handmade, you could taste the care and attention that went into each bite.

I love food, this is no secret, but I only ever lie about it to the host(ess) - so you can trust me when I say it is delicious. And the wonderous thing was they have flavours I've never tasted elsewhere. They let you try it out, and then if you fancy some, it's there to be bought. Along with liquor based chocolates and truffles she let me taste lemon and orange chocolate... I said 'you know what would be lovely? Ginger chocolate' and she said, 'well, we have a little bit of that for the German market - it's very strong though'.

Then she sneaks me out a bar of the richest, most unusual tasting chocolate, which of course I purchased along with many more (currently being depleted rapidly from the fridge).

And the most lovely thing is there wasn't a touch of the Willy Wonka madness from her or her delightful family - instead they welcomed questions and were happy to talk about the chocolate and how they had ended up running the factory, as they slid slivers of the dark stuff in my direction.
She had left Dublin with her husband to take over the chocolate factory. Seems she had an office job, but managing a chocolate factory was a more attractive proposition (I can so relate to that).

There are so many people with interesting jobs, all around the place. And yet there are so many of us stuck in offices. I don't even know how I got into the office, and yet when younger people I know say things like 'oh I don't think I could ever work in an office' I nod sagely, knowing that I too once voiced these feelings and yet couldn't seem to avoid being sucked into the desk, phone and computer cage.

But meeting lovely people such as the polite chocolatier gives me hope and something tasty to eat while I wait for an opportunity to escape the drudgery to fall on my lap.

So for any loser such as I who hasn't found their muse and is waiting patiently but wishes to have a tasty treat to ease the pain, here is my gift to you: skelligs chocolate

I like working in an office. I'm actually the only person in the world who doesn't find the office in "The Office" depressing.

It looks like it would be fun, hiding Gareth's personal possessions and watching David Brent do funny dances.

Maybe I'm being satirised by that show?
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