Friday, July 07, 2006

favourite dinners

dinner nostalgia can be a strange thing. A conversation today revolved around dinners that formed an obsession at various phases in my life to date - I find if I really, really like a dinner (I'm not talking posh dinners, rather your common garden variety) I'll tend to eat it as often as possible for many months untiil I get tired of it.

There was the mini pizza and broccoli phase - mini pizza equals island, broccoli equals tree, mouth equals world catastrophy.

Then the cheddar cheese sandwich phase - I was a latchkey kid, and my mother bought bread and cheedar.

Followed by the cheddar cheese applied copiously to mini pizza phase - as I entered the key developmental phase of learning about fire (or in my case the Cooker switch).

Cheddar cheese on it's own was a late variation of this phase. Following an incident involving being starving and an entire block of cheese, I have never really bothered too much with the stuff.

As I entered double digits on the birthday front, sophistication began with phases such as the tuna sandwich phase, burger in a bun phase and latterly the lengthy love of chicken koka noodles.

Curry koka noodles still are palatable, but due to ODing on the chicken variety, even the smell can create a rash.

College coincided with a flurry of invention with noodles, featuring dishes such as the curry noodle toasted cheese sandwich (edam naturally, cheddar is so passé).

Thus, a plastic packet of euroshopper mini pizzas, stalk of broccoli, block of cheese and a package of curry koka noodles invariably invokes a nostalgia for my youth.

Good on you, girl. Culinary variety is for mediocrities.

I think I've read a million times about one genius or the other, "He had the same lunch every day for fifty years". Woody Allen is one. Except with him its breakfast.

I think I could eat spaghetti bolognese for dinner every day of the year. Maybe with some brussel sprouts added for Christmas.

There's that scene in Reggie Perrin where Reggie (trying to do his own thing and to hell with convention) orders risotto three times in a row in a restaurant. "I like risotto" he tells the bewildered waiter.

There aren't enough of us.
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