Wednesday, June 14, 2006

transcendental moment

Did I fall asleep in the yoga class or was it a minute of sheer transcendental nothingness? Fact is, I'm lying there, tired out from all that stretching and she's saying the same patter in that serious soothing 'just relax' voice, exactly like last week and the week before. And then nothing.

Absolutely nothing, until I find myself sitting up. Everyone is yapping away and I'm convinced I must have been asleep, but I'm not sure.

I walk down the street like a zombie, get on the bus, dishevelled and messy. Even now I'm bewildered by the whole event.

At the start of my yogic adventure, back last September, there used to be a rather large man, shaped like a laughing policeman, a most unlikely character. Each week he would snore like a contented puppy and she would say, 'you did it again, fell asleep' and we would all chortle in a gentle fashion secretly thinking 'what a sap, thank God I have some self control.'

So, eight or nine months on, it's really just not cool to be kipping in the class, and people such as laughing policeman have dropped out eons ago. Sh*t. What if I snored?

Nah, I'd say I was just at a higher stage of consciousness. And if I made a noise, I'm sure I was just trying to get deeper into the moment loike.

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