Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ice age too

People who go to the cinema for a chat with their mates - whether it is those that are sitting next to them or those that are on the mobile - well, it's rude. If I ruled the world or just the cinema even, I would force them to sit through that Smart Telecom ad for a day, followed by the Audi radio ad that plays a single note on a jazz flute for an eternity (imagine the pitch in the agency - we could get some jazz music but hey there would be royalties, so instead we'll just play an F Sharp for twenty seconds, that'll have them pulling out the SSIAs, I tell you Damo we're on to something')

But kids who have a genuine stomach pumping old giggle in the cinema, they kick ass, and should be encouraged to snort their slush puppies in their enthusiasm. Take Ice Age 2 this evening for example - the excitement was palpable as the squirrel like animal tried again and again to get his acorn. Shrieks and hoops abounded. It made an enjoyable experience classic.

To contrast this honest enthusiasm with people going 'Rooight Damo, PHNAR PHNAR PHNAR, wot an aaaaaarsssssssse'ol PHNAR'.

Is it my biological clock ticking, or do grown-ups just suck?

Well, it just aint rooight, I tell you.

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