Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fifty Ten Million Times Better Than The Alternative

You find you're getting a bit cynical about new music and then something wonderful like the Fifty Ten Millions (excellent name - formerly the Leeches apparently) come along and your face lights up, the toes tap and you're on your feet rocking the Annesley house, or maybe that was just me.

Last night, as wisps of joss stick smoke wafted in our noses, the Fifty Ten Millions stormtrooped their way through a pop-synth-rock set, headlining the intimate gig, which also featured Kevin Treacy, cheeky young troubador with the voice of a jaded angel - the crowd likened him to Dylan in Greenwich village, one to watch.

Check the FiftyTens out on MySpace - but word of warning, their music is not given justice online. Live they are explosive, heavy, throbbing and immediate, you just can't help but feel moved and involved in a way that to be honest, I now realise I haven't been for ages. Their edge is honesty - singing their stories in their own voices, intelligent and witty lyrics, excellent music, and of course the secret ingredient, whatever it is, that they have in spades.

They'll be playing the Hub in mid May - or so I was told by the modest Trevor, ponytailed guitarist - if last night is anything to go by, this will be well worth a visit I reckon.

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