Friday, April 14, 2006


Once again, I pleasantly realise that Easter is an underrated holiday in Ireland.

Christmas always seems like a gloriously long break when viewed from November, but when it comes to it, what with family and excessive drinking, eating and sleeping, it flies by and sooner than expected, there we all are blankly staring at our computer screens in work, the tinsel looking a little glum and our colleagues extremely crabby.

Whereas Easter, hah, you can't help but forget about it each year, except for the idle rescheduling of meetings etc.,. off in the distant future of March or April. This vagueness is assisted by the fact that it never falls at the same time, which I find a little confusing as does this indicate we're a litle vague on when Jesus was crucified, yet we remember each step of the journey intimately.

And also, I'm quite confused about what we're celebrating - the chocolate and all that. Is there a link between the terribly graphic death of Jesus, then his hasty recovery, temporary visiting of mates (who have already forgotten what he looks like) and the glorious levitating to heaven and a chocolate egg? Or is it some pagan feast getting mishmashed with the religious stuff?

Not that it matters very much really, I suppose. I shouldn't question the indulgent eating of chocolate, mmm. And what is really excellent about Easter is that I have a long, long weekend, F.O.C. mmmm...

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