Wednesday, April 12, 2006

day before payday

If you're broke, and yet you know tomorrow is payday, it is hard to be restrained.

Especially if you're a spending junkie.

Lunchtime today, I salivated my way through oodles of shops looking at tops and dresses and shoes.

I couldn't afford a nightie in Penny's (ok, slight exaggeration, but I am saving for my trip of a lifetime), yet each item shone like a gem.

Everything glimmered and called out 'wear me, you'll look amazing in me'. I tried on some things, and deluded myself that they looked good, yet I wasn't satisfied.

Then into furniture shops, I looked at cow printed sofas and oak tables.

Back in work I was on, browsing mansions and houses and penthouse apartments.

And tomorrow, when I divy up my spoils on the mortgage and bills, and then try to work out what meagre allowance I have each day until next pay day, gone will be this consumer-girl to be replaced by a scrooge character.

But today, and tonight, I live in consumer heaven, dreaming of all that I might own.

The lipsticks, perfumes, funky impractical coats, sexy shoes, groovy coffee tables, wide expanses and mansions.

What a fickle moment it is, the satisfaction of anticipated consumption.

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