Sunday, April 02, 2006

City of contrasts

Summer is in the air today, I think, walking into town, sun is shining. In the supermarket this morning, smiles abounded, men making way for me and my basket, their women talking about cakes they would bake or meat they might roast.

Signs all around for Easter Opening Times. A man buys a huge chocolate egg, I wonder who for. When is Easter? I ask the lady at the checkout. 'Week after next' she says.

On the way into town, children are playing kick the can in Iona. There is hardly any traffic, and walking around Mountjoy Square, fathers are bringing their children to the new playground.

I think about match days, wonder when the championship will start, and I know that I'll be back here, wearing blue, probably rushing, late again, to Croke Park.

Temple Bar is full of hungover tourists, the middle-aged look jaded, the hard drinkers are already in pubs, sinking back a few drinks. I remember last night, driving in to collect people, and that man who tried to get into my car, wanted me to be a taxi to bring him home. His girlfriend's stricken face, I wonder how their heads are this morning.

My friend is a bit late, so into Keoghs for a coffee and I start the book, again. Why is it so hard to read nowadays.

We do the hellos and then wander the streets, contesting with tourists for seats in cafés. Dublin is such a weekend break place we say with half hearted disdain. Sudden shower of hail rains down and the streets are still warm from the sun, so we stand in a doorway with others, all grinning at the absurdity of Dublin weather. In a café across from us, smokers shriek as they run in from outside, the hail lashing off their cups and plates.

Forget this coffee nonsense, we'll go to Peter's Pub, where the beer is good, and there are seats at the bar. The Barman jokes that I'm going to stab him, and I think he's lost it, until I realise that I've been distractedly messing with the wine opener, as he demonstrates. We consider switching to wine to see it work, but stick with the beer.

Later, I walk home, back up through old Drumcondra, but it's raining.

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