Monday, April 03, 2006

Bloody yoga is back on tonight. She shouldn't have given us last week off, I just don't feel I could be bothered with the stretching and bending.

Foul humour really. No idea why, but generally feeling a bit peeved with the world.

I'm going to divide my world into nice people and ick people. The nice people today knew I was a bit off and were nice to me. One person was a nice and I could feel my voice begin to warble, stupid. Still. She was nice. Other nice people were funny or distracting. The ick people never think of anyone else and even if they do sometimes, I don't care, I'm in a bad mood so as far as I'm concerned they're nasty. Feck it. Anyone I don't like today is an ick.

Even one of my best mates is currently in the ick pile. Not her fault really, but there she is, in the ick pile, all the same.

Melancholia is funny. Take when I was logging in to blogger. I just remembered that my password is the name of my dead cat, who was alive back when I gave the password, I'm not that weird.

Blah. I miss my cat.

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