Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Betsy getting a check-up

All the time, I hear people doing it with their pets. 'Oh Jack' they'll say, 'he's a fierce goodnatured chap, very protective of me, you know?'

So mine is a car. Well, I would be precious and mummyish about my cat if he hadn't been run down by an overexcited skanger who probably has a horrible backstory and little future, but you'll understand that my sympathies are with my poor Arthur, may he rest in peace beneath the dandelions and small alpine strawberry plants.

Back to Betsy, my old friend. We've had laughs (at other drivers expenses, usually), tears (her tyres are forever letting me down) and good times, whizzing up and down the motorways and other laneways of Ireland.

And tomorrow she goes for another check-up... Two years ago I stood watching her being prodded and tested, and now it's all happening again.

I know people who trade their cars in like fancypaper on a second class lunchbreak in 1987, and yes, they usually have either more money or less fear of debt than me, but I just like Betsy.

She's reliable, compact, loyal and I'm pretty confident that I can get her in and out of most spaces. I don't want to buy a new car, I just want to stick with her.

Even if the ads for C3s suggest that I could have a transformer once again, and even if I love the sleek cuteness of the mini cooper. I am happy with my Betsy, she'll do the job.

Well the garage have done their bit, and I was out tonight again with the hoover and the polish. Nothing left to do but cross my fingers and remove her hubcaps.

I hope she passes her NCT.

Go Betsy!

Cars, if well maintained, can be roadworthy and fuctional for a considerable length of time. Mechanical failure in old cars accounts for a statistically insignificant number of road deaths every year - Drivers kill people! Bad ones, of whom there are many! Can we NCT them?

Letting old cars run is bad for the economy, though, and is found displeasing to the elder shamen of IBEC? Hmmm... How can we artificially manipulate the NCT by linking test thresholds to the year of manufacture to ensure that older cars automatically fail, and still maintain a spot on the moral high ground?

Emissions! Hooray! Everybody understands the need to protect the environment!

I love how the Government are really concerned about Earth! They are saving us and our planet by ensuring we buy new cars more regularly than we need to, which is self perpetuating as nobody wants to be seen in a older model car when the city's arteries are choked with sleek, idling dream machines! Especially not single mothers with 10 grand on the credit card! That would give the game away! We're all bougeois now! TV says so!
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