Tuesday, April 11, 2006

bad things happen on a random tuesday

If you really love someone and another person does something vile to them, something you can't do anything about. Well, it's like what I imagine being kicked by a horse feels like.

In real life I was once tapped by a donkey who didn't like me getting too close to him, and it hurt.

What I found out about today is out of my control. I'm wishing that I could be there to take the force of the blow for him, but I can just listen to the song and I'm so powerless.

And what will become of us - the observer, the young man and the heinous bully - only that we'll grow old and weak and vulnerable. All three, stooped and exhausted and resigned.

But today and yesterday and tomorrow, that small dicked wonder has a choice. And I have no choice. All I can do is advise, listen, support and let the young man do what he chooses, for its not my life, its his. And while I wish I could do something, I'm powerless.

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