Wednesday, March 01, 2006

white midday

The drone and whirr of the office was making me nod off around midday when my colleague shrieked 'look - SNOW'

We pressed our noses to the glass, which was extremely cold, and feverishly began praying to the God of pavements that it was cold enough to stick.

I ran to the canteen to make a cup of tea and to generally make the most of the snow story, the security guard told me it was never going to last, and when I asked why, he said 'smog of the city, you see, it keeps it warmer here, that's why you'll never get snow in the city'.

I don't like to argue (at least not at work) so I made soothing mmmm noises of gratitude for his words of disappointing wisdom.

There was no milk left and I wanted to go out anyway so down to the local shop. The snow was landing in clumps on jackets, and everyone I passed was smiling. I said 'hi' to a middle-aged lady and she said 'hi' back, positively friendly.

A builder grinned at me and nodded as I walked into the shop, and it was nice. Paying for the milk at the counter, I couldn't contain myself and said

'great snow, isn't it? I hope it sticks'

The man at the till looked at me, looked at the till, took my money and then.

I thought he hadn't heard me, so I was a bit embarassed.

He looked up again, and said,

'To me, this is nothing snow. In my country there much snow'.

I was so relieved that I hadn't made a fool out of myself and that he hadn't been the icegrinch of citycentre arctic afternoons that I said,

'Well, for us, this is great snow, really lots of snow'.

Seconds later, when all had turned to water, I began to realise that I made a bit of a slight exageration.

Oh well, maybe tonight!

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