Wednesday, March 15, 2006

terms of endearment

Thought that as you age, you're supposed to be treated with more respect, but I seem to be treated to affectionate terms from strangers on an ever more frequent basis.

Take Mahaffy's at lunchtime today with my mate.

me & mate (m&m)'Two ham sandwiches please, oh and some chips'

pert engaging tenderer (PET) 'that's fine, love, did you order them yet?'

m&m: 'yes, thanks, I said it to the woman at the counter'

PET: 'Thanks sweetie, that's fantastic. That will be twelve euro, when you're ready darling'.

m&m: 'Here you go'

PET: 'Oh you're great, sweetheart'.

FINE, fine, fine. Except then afterwards in the shop buying chewing gum

PET: 'Is that everything, love'

me: 'YES'

PET: 'here's your change then darling'


I must look like an idiot in my suit jacket with a big smiley face.

Years ago, when I was an angry young woman in a sharper suit with a grimmer face, I doubt any of them would have dared to 'sweetiesugardarlingpet' me...

Now, I've chilled out a bit and must look like the resident village idiot or something. I mean, I'm all for the hard working staff of the service industry being able to vent their spleens, but really, must it always be on me.

Real danger is, I'll end up copying them and randomly splurting these terms of endearment at randomers I meet in the course of my life, sweetie.

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