Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Paddy's Day

Green seepage abounds. Took nearly two hours to get to town (three miles) this morning, the annual carnie is being set up in Merrion Square, so the city comes to a standstill.

I was chilled, but the driver of some type of lorry thing (think it was a window carrier or some such vechicle) behind me couldn't take the traffic, or possibly the radio, and randomly beeped at anyone on our slow trudge down Gardiner Street.

He even beeped in the general direction of the nice Lollypop Man of Gardiner Street, a stoic and interesting looking older man, who always deserves a smile and a nod of respect for his bravery stepping as he does out to protect the little kids of that area from angry commuters who would probably prefer to be in bed reading the funny pages instead of listening to Morning Ireland telling us how terrible Ireland and the world is generally.

Typical morning show will include at five minute intervals the crew relishing the fact that a gun, or a dead person or a depressed leprechan or a homocidal commuter mysteriously tuned into R1 has been found in (and it is always - lets face it 3m of the 5m in the country must live there if the stats are anything to go by) 'WEST DUBLIN' (except every twelfth tuesday when it is) 'LIMERICK' in a flying moon you might hear 'SOUTH DUBLIN', but generally only on the financial reports.

And, the best bit of course is whenever Bertie is mentioned. Cathal sounds as though he's sneezed up some particularly painful snoodle of phleghm as he says 'nnnnnnnngggghhhttttthhhoooaaaaaaaoooisiGGGGGHh', you can't help but choke on the cornflakes, and wish that Cathal could get on first name terms with the man.

Brings to mind those Irish speakers who delight in outcomplicating one another with their prononciation. Jesus, I don't even dislike Irish, but what's with that ad for 'Gobblin the Gook' or whatever that kids book of what I believe is supposed to be Irish is called - some Irish speaking presenter in a really diddlededee cuhntry achcent 'I lhhuvved dhis buvk whhhen I wvas a chhhildh' while the poor child is forced to sing or chant these strange sounds into the mic, I mean it isn't even Irish, it sounds like Indian or possibly voodoo chanting 'faelweivo ewfl vdsoi ferw'.... ick.

I dunno. Shan't be buying that book meself or for any kids I know, loike

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