Friday, March 03, 2006

music = soul food

The other evening I was at a night of song and colour held in a house in Dublin. All sorts of interesting and different people were there - aged 10 to 70.

People were shy about singing at first, and then as the evening wore on we heard everything from Cuban pianists to soulful and love tunes and those you know well with the odd traditional air thrown in to the last one, an original song that would have a stone reaching a contemplative thought, and a softie like me getting a tear in the eye.

There were candles and a fire burning. Atmosphere was peaceful, a million miles from celtic tiger greediness. It was comfortable and interesting and so so simple.

All it seems to take is good will, a few guitars, maybe a piano - wine optional, burning fire a bonus.

If you are a sqwalker like me, well that's ok, you make the good singers shine the brighter.

I've given you the recipe, now go make some noise. xx

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