Sunday, March 12, 2006

David Niven

If you ever get a chance, read David Niven's book 'Bring on the Empty Horses', which puts in my opinion the anecdotes of modern celebrity to shame.

The Hollywood stories, of happiness and tragedy and the droll one liners all exude glamour and intelligence that seems long gone from our current celebrity gossip.

Take the story he tells of George Sanders, a Russian actor who was married to Zsa Zsa Gabor. When Zsa Zsa and George split, she took up with Profiro Rubirosa.

What really piqued George's ire was the financial implications of their divorce and David quotes him as saying 'This is no time to behave like a gentleman - I am a cad and shall react like one'

George and his lawyer went with a ladder to catch the lovers in action in the bedroom. However, unsure that the window would be open, George brought a brick. Although the lawyer was satisfied that George was entitled legally to enter his own home through a bedroom window with a ladder, he had reservations that a brick may be seen negatively. No problem to George, he wrapped the brick and said it would be a gift.

Lawyer and George climb the ladder, and sure enough get the picture to much excitment and drama. They enter the bedroom and following an animated chat with the lovers begin to make their descent down the stairs, emotions calmed for all. Zsa Zsa, remembering it's Christmas, says she has a gift for George and goes to the tree where she finds it and gives it to him.

'My dear, I have a gift for you too' he says, and hands her the gift wrapped brick.

I have to recommend The Moon's a Balloon in that case. I read it years ago, and have never forgotten it.
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