Monday, March 13, 2006

Black Books

It's official, I think that a bookshop is where I would thrive.

Following Bing's advice, and my newfound devotion to all things Niven, I went in search of 'the moon is a balloon'.

Although Waterstone's was where I found the tome, Hodge's Figgis is where I want to work.

It is:

a) peaceful & you can judge people depending on which section they are draped over thumbing through books (e.g. religion - not my thing, thus viewed with suspicion... psychology - perhaps they will understand me, thus viewed with immense awe).

b) full of interesting potential work colleagues - they seem to be perma chilled, and smile at you when you ask re: books. Their karma buzz relaxes you to the point that you're all 'I'm just looking for, you know, a book and stuff'

cue interesting, pretty lady bookseller with strange haircut and funky rasta hat to say,

'Oh, right, like, that's cool'

and me to add, 'yeah, that's cool'

Pause. Ten seconds of mutual smiling.

Ok, so we didn't find the book there, but I learnt all about the film section's filing system:

potential future work colleague (pfwc): 'Did you look under films?'

me: 'Naaaaaah.... Biography?'

pfwc: 'Aaaaaaaw... Yeah.... I get that... Well, naaaaah, maybe film.... might be under film'

me: 'Coooooool...'

pfwc brings me to section: 'But......not sure where......'

me: 'Aaaaaw, Yeah...... maybe 'N' for 'Niven'......I dunno.....'

pfwc: 'Naaaaaaah... (laughs)... maybe..... but Naaaaaaaah...'

me: '(series of gentle question marks)??????'

pfwc: 'There's like two managers of that section.....and one, like stores them under name..... but the other one (laughs)... she stores them under like, theme or something'.

me: 'Oh yeah'

pfwc: 'just have a root, you might find it ;0)'

me: ':0)'

Didn't find it. Waterstones was the same buzz, only more brusque and less amusing. Got the book, but won't be applying for a job.

Also, the funniest quote I've heard in the past two days - Sarah Silverman (as per Alex Renton, Observer Woman Mag):
'If my boyfriend (who's catholic) and I (who's jewish) ever have a kid, we'll just be honest with it. We'll say that Mommy is one of God's chosen people, and Daddy believes that Jesus is magic'.

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