Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm just back from Donegal, where the beaches are spectacular, even if you're peering at them through the rain.

Rossnowlagh, Murvagh - practically empty this time of year, and in the summer they team with surfers and sun-chasers. Felt like celtic warriors walking along this empty stretch of sand where the only noise was the waves and the birds calling to one another.

Saw the first signs of spring with lambs who thought I was going to feed them - kept saying 'maaa ma maaaa' like starving children. Frog-spawn was easy to spot in the ditches, but you had to stay very quiet for a few minutes before the purrrr of the frogs would begin and they would come back from their hiding places to protect their little zygotes. We spotted over ten in one ditch, amazing to listen to the slimy ones having a good old chat.

In the internet café come shop, I actually had a smile filled conversation with the owner. Went to the cinema, there was only one other couple there to watch 'The Constant Gardener' and we nodded politely at one another. The cinema in Ballyshannon is run with such love and affection, what can be nicer than the owner of the cinema asking you what you made of the movie?

Spent an hour in a neighbours house catching up on the Donegal gossip, before regretfully saying goodbye and heading back home.

Dublin late last night was traffic and people. Walking through town a drunk man behind me began to sing loudly, and I smiled. If I hadn't been in my urbane hurry, I would have almost turned and joined in.

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