Monday, February 27, 2006

mum goes techno

It still has to be grinned at, the thought of my mum sending me emails and rude forwards.

The woman who put the prim in primark (ok, so that makes no sense), the lady who refused point blank to refer to sex as anything other than making love, regardless of context.

Imagine my angry young idealist teenage debates about right to choice, lone parenthood, legalising condoms (how unhip were the 90s in Ireland, really - my 16th diary entry has a bad illustration of a condom and reads 'now they are legalised and I am legalised, I can buy a condom' - took me many years more to know what to do with one....I blame my mum) being totally derailed by her referring to the 'responsibility that goes with making love'

even yet I cringe!!!

And now, she's sending me forwards of lusty men...

Plus: religion which was like God to her (hee hee) is now replaced by Angels.

Angels? I remember her going ballistic when I got a chain letter back in fourth class and telling me all manner of hellish things would rain down if I obeyed it's seemingly innocent request to send a postcard to ten randomers. Same lady is now asking me to send all my friends info about angels or ELSE!

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