Tuesday, February 21, 2006

me day

Sometimes life can be hard for whatever reason, I don't need to be specific.

Maybe you have just had mildly awful news, nothing too serious mind or an appliance has broken, it could be you're snuffly, or you feel the chasm of hopelessness that any of us do from time to time.

I do not mean to take away from the blackness that some of us live through, but the feeling of hard life I refer to here is that just generic, 'ho;hum' why"£$£"! blah'.

Yesterday, FtheB was feeling a bit like that, he was fluish.

So we sat down after work, with a homely roast dinner, real traditional, and began to watch the Lord of the Rings, which of course I've already seen, and he has seen more often than that again.

And we just got lost in a world of elves and hobbits and rings and great injustices and wonderous overcoming of the odds.

It was like having a bedtime story read to us.

When I sat, I meant to get up and do things, but it was a blue Monday evening, dark outside, and I felt a sympathy pang of fluishness.

It was sheer bliss. I would recommend it to anyone who feels like that. Didn't even drink booze, I had a warm ribena. Aw.

And today was just heavenly after it. For some reason I was gabbing with everyone, nothing was stressing me out. Lousy traffic was just a giggle. I went to the gym after work and didn't scowl at everyone and every machine, I was all sunshine and light at the water cooler, having a chat with a nice friendly woman from Blanch.

So if you're feeling crap, just drag out whatever video or dvd that tickles that inner child and cosy up with a warm berry beverage, skiv off what you should be doing and hopefully the next day you'll be all the better for it.

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