Friday, February 17, 2006

gob a colb

Feeling a bit snuffly and sorry for oneself today, I limped around the office in a pity me state which gained me a little sympathy, yet more of the being treated as though I had a bell around my neck such as those that the lepers of old wore.

Once the wardens liberated us for the weekend I perked up.

Suddenly dinner and drinkies seemed quite the thing.

Went to Café Fitzers in Skuzzy Bar for the Early Bird, cos we were.

The food was nice, but the theatrics were better.

A man threw a glass on the ground and shouted in a most angry fashion at the kitchen staff before shrieking and flouncing out the door simultaneously.

So much the fury that after he stormed off the cops came in.

All most alarming yet entertaining as one ate their chilli jam and fishcakes.

We supped the vino and speculated.

Perhaps a lovers tiff? Maybe a chef who was not happy with the quality of the onions? What about a customer who is allergic to peanuts and yet spotted one in his hummus?

I dunno, but sure it was fun guessing.

Now for the Grub Critic Piece: Top Tip - the early bird in Café Fitzers, Skuzzy Bar was about twice the price of a much nicer meal in the Independent Pizza company, Drumcondra - can't guarantee the same drama though.

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