Wednesday, February 15, 2006

day after yesterday

Writing letters in work today, I was thinking how strange it must be to receive letters dated on special days. Not that today was a special day in particular, but say if you got a letter dated 9/11/2001 or your birthday, or something like that.

An innocuous letter, mundane - bin charges or library fines - yet with your birthday on it. Would you have a little grin, even if you weren't happy about the letter?

I'm writing this from an internet café in Temple Bar - I'm just after trying on the most lovely jeans in Urban Outfitters, and, joy of joys, a Jem T-shirt. Good old Jem and the Holograms.

They just don't make toys of that ilk nowadays, or if they do, I guess I'm just not to exposed to them - my family is rapidly running out of young folks - not going to dwell on this one though, seeing as I'm the eldest of the youngest on both sides, dangerous talking about the need for offspring (of the literal not musical variety).

A childhood friend of mine was spoilt beyond words, she had a Jem and a Roxy doll. By proxy I got to play with them, and it was with fond memories I donned the T-Shirt. Damn this saving for trips of a lifetime though, jeans and t-shirt had to be given back to the trendy lady of the changing rooms.

Also on offer were Rainbow Brite t-shirts, which I may go back and try on now.

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