Saturday, January 14, 2006

Totally riVeting TV

What has happened to the last two hours of my life? They've disappeared, into the unknown, as I sat riveted to 'Shipwrecked 2006 - Battle of the Islands'.

Naively, I believed that reality tv had gone the way of the dogs, what with celebrity BB platforming once-noones as they crumble further into a state of mental unbalance.

Not to say this doesn't entertain many people, it's just not to my own taste.

Perhaps if the people were less faux, and more good looking, and stranded on an island vying with the other island, such as on Shipwrecked, I might of course acquiese.

The dealio is this. Five people on each island. The Tigers have a school education and the Sharks have a college education (this being the hook so to speak - although to be honest that's not what has me hooked - we're not talking about a team of Oxford boatees versus Thems down the Mines).

Each week a Newbie spends three days on each island and on the seventh day, they decide where they want to comfy down for the remainder of the show.

The show takes place over a five month period.

Aw, now to the good bit.

Island 1 (Tigerland): two men, goodlooking in a 'ibiza lad' fashion, one girl just out of a posh boarding school, one girl just come out to her folks, and also just lefted school (local comp I think), and a bisexual cute young boy. All of the Tigers think they rock. They work hard building and have little squabbles and bickerings.

Island 2 (Sharkland): one man who is a bit 'oh I say' yet cute enough - but total nerd (wears panama hat), one man who is barkers - apparently he has ADHD, but he is also really annoying to the other Sharks (and fascinating as a result, tee hee), a surf chick who's nice and has a great expressive face that shows exactly what she thinks of everything (espec: barkers), a beauty who is a designer and seems a bit arty, a mouthy young one who reminds me of a young Janet Street Porter. All of the Sharkies think they rock. They are as lazy as sloths, a bit em, frothy on the brain-juice and think they are clever. They have out and out arguments, and can't agree on anything to do with building so spend their time 'discussing' things.

It was class. I really enjoyed the beautiful islands, the cute faces, fights, squabbles, sadness and joy. Blah, I don't think I've liked a show this much since BB3.

I hope next time it lives up to today!!!

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