Saturday, January 21, 2006

To the future I say!

Isn't it strange that if you took the media as your main source of facts, which of course none of us worldly types do... ahem... that older people would seem a bit dotty, irrelevant, or more likely invisible.

Yet, day on day we get older ourselves, and the majority of us would prefer that we have the opportunity to continue motoring on for a good while.

I don't understand the logic though - surely we should want to make oldness sexy (or if that's too contraversial for you) at least cool? I mean, it is where we're all headed after all.

And take your average famous old person at the moment - Mick Jagger, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Ozzie Osbourne, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Joan Rivers. In general they are or at least were in their day - eviler, odder, more musical, more bat eatinger, sexier, cooler, funnier than those that proport to the mantle of fame these days.

I feel mostly bored and irritated, but in gentler moments, sorry for so called celebs. Take Ashley Simpson (think that is her name) - seems like a normal vacant teenager with a large nose. But why, when I turn on the TV is she there yapping on about not getting nominated but wanting to be nominated for a grammie. Who cares.

And, sure even as a minor celeb, you do care, well, keep it to yourself.

Isn't it nicer to be humble. 'Qui? Moi? Un Grammy? C'est magnifique?!'

Than a bumbler 'me i oh my, why not me i oh why iii i i me me my?'


I like the old people, they rock a lot more originally and bolder than any of the sappy bunch we have now.

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