Thursday, January 19, 2006

Special People

We were wonderful, special and wholesome types, who felt spectacularly wonderful and in the know, as we sat spellbound listening to Noam (we spent an evening together, don't you know).

Fancy, Noam Chomsky, he who is in touch with truth of the struggles of the whole world in a far greater and deeper way than I am in touch with the truth of the struggles of my own life. Imagine, this man, this insightful commentator, visiting us in Ireland. Our opinion is important, we are important.

He may have called us shoe-shiners, but to him we matter.

Afterwards, with pints, being the Irish way of mulling over things, we gushed and blurbled. Noam, was of course, sadly absent.

Then it occurred to us.

Ireland is only like the size of Manchester or something (one of the drinkers posited Connecticut, but I know not enough of this far off place, so I'm not sure).

We don't matter.

We really don't matter.

Still. Good talk though.

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