Saturday, January 07, 2006

Purchasing Sofas Sucks

This house, which is often a nice place of comfort, has conspired with Classic Furniture, to make today a bit of a bad Saturday.

Now, it started off well - we had spent time chatting carefully with a salesperson, who assured us that our sittingroom would be a cosy pleasuredome on receipt of our new corner sofa. I duly signed away my hard earned cash (well, I will earn it, and that's what plastic is for, right?).

Then, with much kind assistance from my Dad, we hacked our old sofa apart in some paganesque frenzy last night. It currently resides in a bundle of fun out the back garden ready to be fit into my little car and driven to the dump.

It was all planned. The men would arrive with the shiny thing of bumfort and we would spend tonight in luxurious pleasure.


They arrive and declare our house is too small. Nice. I guess I'd better get another so.

Then they remove the sofa.

So there we are, without anything but bare planks of wood upon which to plonk. Today is the first time in five years I had cause to think that carpet might have been the better choice.

And after gurning, wailing, laughing and walking about bewildered with tape measures and frustration, I decided to go visit the sofa company to ask for my money back.


They think I should remove my window.

I rang a window company who told me that they might (not will) be able to do it for €150.

I tell this to Sofa-Charm Boy and he says, 'I think that was a bit expensive, in all fairness'.

I ask for my money back and he says, get this, 'I can't do it'.

Now I have potentially three choices:

1. get window removed at great expense and hope that someone buying my house likes my style in sofas
2. buy a sofa that costs twice the price (I'm broke and trying to save for holiday of a lifetime)
3. knock house down and build bigger one.


In other news, sitting on a cold floor on a Saturday night sucks. I'm off out.

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