Tuesday, January 10, 2006

other people's quangos

It may be the first sign of my growing madness, but I've just decided that instead of trying to fit in with everyone else's viewpoints, I'm going to define normal as myself and all else as absurd.

Aw, the relief.


I went to school with this girl who when (as we oft would do) we would say someone was wierd, would interject 'define normal'.

To be honest, she was very normal and therefore fitted right in.

Still, her erudite observation has lead me to be tolerant for the past decade.


I've really only been pretending whilst harbouring simmering tensions about people's opinions barely under my surface.

Take this man I was watching on a programme 'It's the dog or Me' (I think that is the name of this Channel 4 fly on the wall) who said that if his dog, which humped (mock) all in sight regardless of their age, sex, type of animal, was castrated, it would be (and I quote) 'like taking my balls'.



It would be nothing like taking your balls. Ok, so you don't like the idea. That's your choice. But having a pet castrated is not like being castrated. That is just weird. And I defy anyone to define normal.

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