Tuesday, January 31, 2006

making bets with oneself

Or the day I realised I suffered from o. c. d.

This afternoon I fell foul of one of my quangos, namely the habit of making bad bets with myself.

A friend had just suggested a dastardly plot that sounded too good.

So I was nice and polite, but didn't get too exuberant, thus ensuring that if it came asunder we would still be friends and if it came to pass, I could then get excited.

Fifteen minutes later I'm doing the simplex crossword on the Irish Times website, simian sole that I is.

And then, the clue: 9 across 'divide into two equal parts (6)'

The bet was out of my subconcious before I even read the damn clue.

If I had read it first, I would never have bet on it.

It wasn't even hard. But I had to cheat to get it, and therefore I lost the bet.

Doom will fall upon my plan, just as well I didn't get too happy about it.

And worst of all, I'm back in my o.c.d hell of making bets.

Visions of my future include me drawing a chalk circle around myself and living inside it.

What fun.

Ho hum.

Moral of my story: read the clue before making the bet, and remember to establish ground-rules: cheating doesn't affect outcome.

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