Saturday, January 28, 2006

The difficulty with Pi

I was never good at maths or resisting cakes.

In other news.

Green Party - John Gormley TD, very kindly agreed to be interviewed on my radio show about the Council of Europe interim report on illegal detentions. We talked about rendition flights and the possibility that these have landed in Shannon.

The US refute that the flights landing have been on their way to Guantanemo or have had illegal detainees aboard - yet we aren't allowed to check.

But if there is nothing to hide, then surely it is in everyone's interests - the US and Irish - that these flights are checked.

So why aren't the Irish government pushing this?

I would like to urge any politician who wants my mere scant scrap of a vote to push this.

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As a pilot who used to circumvent inspections conducted by airport authorities, I believe it will take a lot of resolve from the Irish government to actually determine what's passing through Irish airports. Those operations are minor compared to what's flying overhead.
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