Saturday, January 07, 2006

About Town

Not warming to the place due to the name, I avoided going to Gruel for probably oh a year or so, imagining some Dickensian overpriced experience.

I always thought I was too literal.

Eventually persuaded by someone who always knew the best places to be, I tried it, and enjoyed balancing on those old style boho chairs whilst chomping wholesome chow and feeling a little interesting.

Despite the shabby-chic it can be dear enough, plus many others I find also feel a little over trended by the name or the nature of the place so I don't visit as often as I would like.

Tonight four of us were feeling a little sad and in need of nurture of the edible kind, so we went and the waitress was lovely and the food was lovely, but the best things were:

1. the music: the cure, aw, the memories.
2. the fact that when she brought the brownie and ice-cream, she included four big spoons, even though we hadn't asked and then she asked me, as I was the orderer, if we wanted to share. So we did.
3. outside during a smoke-pause I had a nice chat with a trendy lady who was supping beer whilst smoking and I said that was very cool, and she said, yeah, but possibly illegal, and I said, sure that's even better and she smiled.

Not many people smile at you in the city, and I felt the ice melting away.

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