Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Strange and Wonderful Things

1. Fianna Fáil posted into my post-box a newsletter from Noel Aherne that I didn't really want, but none the less I had a look, and was surprised to see that the first prize for their xmas raffle there is a car. Does Ivor propose to dispose of his PA's unwanted gift thus?

2. On the Royal Canal in Dublin of a morning just beside Mountjoy, you may see an overgrown cygnet hanging with his folks, he doesn't want to leave them, and he's half ugly half swan-like and most beautifully awkward as a result.

3. A wise man told me today that when the first aeroplane flew someone who was thought to be wise said that if you calculated the mass and shape and general physics of a bumble-bee it doesn't make sense that they can fly. He then told me that it was just as well noone told the bumble-bee that.

4. In a toy-shop buying a gift for a young friend who is imaginative and interesting I was dismayed to see that all the toys for young girls were terribly boring camply pink stereotypical tat with no imagination or interest, and I became annoyed that I had no choice but to buy a gift that went against all my beliefs and also was crap. But today in her house, down on her floor we spent a whimsical while making interesting and strange characters from a gift I had bought her last year after getting annoyed at all the cruddy toys in the same shop and I vowed to always look harder.

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