Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In praise of little 'uns

Aw kids of Dublin, you make me smile.

At the ChristKindl festival yesterday evening I was merrily walking through looking at the sparkly lights of the merry-go-round and sniffing the Glu-Wein filled air and admiring the smelly candles and funky jewellery and assorted craftytypes who were selling same. Even though all were housed in garden sheds, the general ambience was one reminicent of a US feelgood xmas film.

This general shmarm-disneyfest was going down very well with me, it must be acknowledged. I was feeling the love for my fellow Dublin folk. On my way out though my bliss filled smile turned to a grimace and then a full out laugh as I watched the kids of Sherriff Street being held back from joining the fun by the burly bouncers. This was very annoying to me, until I noticed two of the kids shimmying through the gap at the bottom of the metal barriers erected I'm sure to keep them out. Vive la Revolution!

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