Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In praise of little 'uns

Aw kids of Dublin, you make me smile.

At the ChristKindl festival yesterday evening I was merrily walking through looking at the sparkly lights of the merry-go-round and sniffing the Glu-Wein filled air and admiring the smelly candles and funky jewellery and assorted craftytypes who were selling same. Even though all were housed in garden sheds, the general ambience was one reminicent of a US feelgood xmas film.

This general shmarm-disneyfest was going down very well with me, it must be acknowledged. I was feeling the love for my fellow Dublin folk. On my way out though my bliss filled smile turned to a grimace and then a full out laugh as I watched the kids of Sherriff Street being held back from joining the fun by the burly bouncers. This was very annoying to me, until I noticed two of the kids shimmying through the gap at the bottom of the metal barriers erected I'm sure to keep them out. Vive la Revolution!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'm posting from a café in Dublin listening to DJ Shadow being piped out as the brisk typers frantically finish college essays, the home-searchers browse DAFT and the gadget lovers look at glossy images of things I can only imagine are necessary to the daily life of your average underachieving overqualified man who I am very jealous of as I have to go back to work and he doesn't, evidently.

Bah, poor me. This morning I didn't even have time to look at the swans on the canal, meetings and phone calls and letters and blah was filling up my head.

The men and women handing out the Metro and Herald AM caught my eye, wonder what it must be like plying people like me, who have no use for thepaper - do they wish they were me, making my way to an ugly office out of the cold, or do they despise me for refusing their paper, see me as strutting around the place in my suit and jacket, barely remembering to smile when saying, 'thank you, no'.

This morning was Kris Kindel. I'm not a fan, bad memories of getting a 'Moody Judy' kids book a few years ago (unfortunately I think I know why and from whom). But this year a kindly sort bought me a beautiful bling bling shiny thing for my arm.

Yay, evening of hanging with mate at home in an alco-lite evening of sticking sellotape to my lips in an effort to wrap gifts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Strange and Wonderful Things

1. Fianna Fáil posted into my post-box a newsletter from Noel Aherne that I didn't really want, but none the less I had a look, and was surprised to see that the first prize for their xmas raffle there is a car. Does Ivor propose to dispose of his PA's unwanted gift thus?

2. On the Royal Canal in Dublin of a morning just beside Mountjoy, you may see an overgrown cygnet hanging with his folks, he doesn't want to leave them, and he's half ugly half swan-like and most beautifully awkward as a result.

3. A wise man told me today that when the first aeroplane flew someone who was thought to be wise said that if you calculated the mass and shape and general physics of a bumble-bee it doesn't make sense that they can fly. He then told me that it was just as well noone told the bumble-bee that.

4. In a toy-shop buying a gift for a young friend who is imaginative and interesting I was dismayed to see that all the toys for young girls were terribly boring camply pink stereotypical tat with no imagination or interest, and I became annoyed that I had no choice but to buy a gift that went against all my beliefs and also was crap. But today in her house, down on her floor we spent a whimsical while making interesting and strange characters from a gift I had bought her last year after getting annoyed at all the cruddy toys in the same shop and I vowed to always look harder.

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