Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Mourning

I was woken this morning by the Sunday Miscellany on Radio One spurting all tweedley deedely thoughts about Ireland, many of which could have been penned by De Valera himself and yet again I am lead to believe that we'll will never move on from this claptrap nonsense involving dancing and praying and yawning out of boredom.

Anyway, everyone knows that this city would grind a tall man down, make a clever man drink, ruin a pretty hairstyle, you get the picture.

This afternoon I was reminded of Pavee Lackeen which I went to see in IFI last Saturday night with a friend.

To give you context, today was beautiful - avoided exhaust fumes and skangers by spending the morning running from Squirrels in the Botanics and looking at leaves falling off trees. This afternoon, I followed the bound of enthusiasm to the gym, and I drove home through the strange and wonderful country roads that zig zag north county Dublin, admiring the sun beginning to set while singing like a benign lunatic to REM's 'End of the World'

And, as you do, thoughts went from aw, remember singing along at the disco to wasn't the video for this funny, and then a few years later everyone was discussing if 2000 would be the end of the world - all very cosy thinking.

But then my cheerful thinking was interrupted by my looking outside the window, which is useful whilst driving at unknown speeds, and thinking, it is pretty ming and dirty and squalorish here.

And I remembered that this is where many travellers live. And to be honest, if you take the time to look, which I often do not, well it really sucks. The basic living requirements are not met. So I started thinking a bit about the film, and it was very moving.

But the thing is, I was able to go back to my happy sappy life after seeing it, and at the end of the film you are left watching the traveller girl walking back to her life, so that the message is clear - Ireland doesn't care about you unless you can pay the bill.

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