Thursday, November 17, 2005

not all strangers are ass*oles

You get to a certain age and stage in your life when you stop bounding up to strangers and imagining that they are sound, quirky, interesting individuals and you begin to suffer people fatigue.

And then, on days like today, you realise that not all strangers are ass*oles.

Well maybe you didn't, and maybe you've never suffered people fatigue, but this has been my experience today.

I was standing on a traffic island cussing inwardly about the endless cars, the thoughtlessness of the SUV driver and the general pain of life in Dublin. Then I hear a voice.

'Didn't they do a great job love?'

I look around, and then down.

Aw I think. A mini old mad lady who is a stranger, and therefore probably a loopy loo.

'Isn't it great though love, the work that they be doing, and doesn't it make you take pride?'

I look at the traffic island upon which we are both stranded and indeed she is right, it is the Bahamas of northside traffic islands. There are cobblestones and careful planting arrangements.

Still. I don't really know what to say. Possibly I say 'phfneeeeeelch'. Or maybe just 'yes'. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I'm on my way to yoga class, and the mini lady who turns out not to be too mad, just a little bit and really quite friendly and nice, decides to accompany me in my walk up the road. This involves her doing a little old lady speed walk whilst I attempt to do a not so tall lady slow walk (I imagine I looked rather stupid).

I learnt all about her life, her husband, the local doctor's daily walking routine through the Botanic Gardens.

And most importantly folks, I learnt that not all strangers are ass*oles. They may be mad, or odd, but they may also make you look just that little bit more closely at your traffic island.

There's an elderly and frail woman who gets on my bus and hands out crisps to everyone. She once talked and talked to me after work and I just couldnt be bothered talking back so was responding with yes or no answers.

Then she leaned over to me and said "Have you been watching that Footballers' Wives". (This was a while ago) Having seen it and all the nonsense in it and the thought of this wee woman watching it I roared laughing.
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