Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kung Fu ~ distant relative of Fianna? Discuss

Watching Kung Fu Hustle (which was in the words of Peter Cook's character I don't know who, that guy who sat in a pub with Dudley Moore, 'funny') and Faraday posited that there are great similarities between the action of the 'masters' in kung fu movies and those of the Fianna (Fionn, Oisín, all those dudes).

Well, I know I've had a glass or more of red wine, but 'yup' I agree. And suddenly all these matrixesque moves and Jackie Chan movies seem more realistic or failing that relevant.... So why doesn't someone make a kick-ass Fianna story - surely there's one in all the throwing of boulders to make a path to Scotland and bounding across counties in one move and murdering rabied dogs with a sliotar.

Or does Lord of the Rings count? Faraday has suggested that Tolkien was on some Celtic Buzz when he wrote that.

In the meantime I'm going to watch Die Hard 1-3 again - it's at least a year since John McClane ruled my small screen, plus its nearly xmas - Ho Ho Ho, now I have a gun too, etc.

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