Sunday, November 27, 2005

Do you need booze for a good night out?

I'm not going to bemoan the impending dullness of getting older, nay, I will use it as grounds for research. For example last night I had the joy of experimenting with being both non and boozed up.

First part of the night I spent guzzling an array of drinks - beer, wine, rum - whilst chomping overpriced tasteless grub in Eliza Blues, although in credit to them, the presentation was purdy and the Hen party suitably tacky.

Conclusion: My arguments and entertaining quotes were widely enjoyed and when the waitress accidentally flung a knife at me, I didn't mind, just joked that I daren't say the wine was off as she might throw another one. Also, I was less irked by the nearby vocal Hen party than the non-drinking chums - apparently the Hens were shouting, but I just heard gentle clucking.

Second part of the night we listened to pseudo jazz in the Westin (Mint Bar - not my stylie, but the chums I was with were into it) and as my fellow boozer had departed for her leaba, I was left alone with two drivers, so I began guzzling diet 7ups.

Conclusion: I still danced to the jazz version of 'Love Cats' (it is kind of possible to sing a Cure song in jazz mode, not so sure it worked with Radiohead though) despite sobriety, and was less annoyed by enthusiastic dancing people than chums. But I did get a little bored about two hours before we left, although that may have been due to the fact that the bar was predominated by men in suits (hello - on a Saturday night?) and that overall it was boring.

Blah, where's me bottle of Ameretto, mmm.

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