Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bray on a frosty morning

Following a slow, slow commute across the M50 this morning, arriving as Bray woke up for another day, the beauty of the area sang to me.

In the shop buying a paper, I was too early for my meeting, the woman was really warm and friendly.

'Oh love, you look cold'

'Fierce cold, isn't it?'


'Start of the winter, I reckon'.

'It's lovely out here though this morning'

'Ay you're right, it is lovely today'.

I wish I had got a chance to walk down the Prom at lunch. Maybe tomorrow.

On the way home, listened to practically all of 5-7 live. It isn't good to expose your ears to that volume of disdain and unhappiness with society in one bout. Plus the AA girls kept saying 'traffic is quite heavy on the M50 northbound' (duh) and Philip Boucher-Hayes was all a fluster about hypothetical €70 child care payments, and after an hour of guff, he decided these payments are terribly hypothetical and that Brian Cowen has probably made up his mind already anyway seeing as the budget is due in two weeks.

I wanted to butt in with a helpful opinion, listening to them prattling whilst sitting in dense traffic wasn't pleasure, but then me and bright lights (the bum of the car I became friendly with over the two hour journey) inched around a corner and the whole of Dublin was twinkling yellow light, and between all red brake lights around, I was reminded of Christmas, which is soon. Sigh.

And time goes by, so slowly (on the M50). So on with 98FM and the music wasn't great, but what the hey, I sang along anyway.

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