Monday, November 21, 2005

Advertising Bah.

Despite attempts to be a Guardian reading, organic buying, literature reading, closed minded to I'm a Celebrity Culture type of person, sometimes the sucky advertising works.

Take cars, which I really have little interest in (except for Betsy who is almost part of nature at her advanced age - almost ten - and her moss growing windows and teeny engine so that doesn't count...)... I want a new Mini Cooper (yup dreadfully four years ago, but Matt Damon in the Bourne Identity, sigh), a Citroen C5 (yup, car = transformer, fulfilling so many childhood fantasies),

And beyond this, I would love to waltz into work in a sleeveless 1950s glamorous dress, with matching make-up and jewellery (yup, Mars Delight ad).

I'm irked beyond belief. I had one of those bars - disgusting - a hybrid of a marshmallow and a sweet, both individually good ideas but leaving a icky sugar glaze on my teeth in reality, not good.

And who are Mars to advocate that I choose a 'new' way to go to work, as they do on a big billboard which is strategically placed just as I pass the point of no return on my lovely morning stroll into my hamster cage.

Also, I think that Nutri-grain bars should be banned - they promise a delightful mouth watering treat which is almost home made. Yeah right, they are just cardboard mixed with saw-dust with nail-polish squidged inside.

And in particular I object to the cinnamon-y mid morning snack, it looks squelchy and moreish, but it is just outright lies, the cinnamon is only a scent callously added afterwards.

I don't even normally buy these bars, but today I had to due to hunger, and even looking at the selection brought back grim memories of breakfasts past.

On the plus side, it was utter bliss to walk into town this morning through chilly fog - reminded me of that Prague Vista in the INXS video 'Never Tear Us Apart', minus the architecture, snow and pretty permed man. Sigh.

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