Saturday, October 29, 2005

Little happens in your life if you choose what our society calls the road of righteousness, I've found.

Rebellion has been so sterilised that we see it repackaged in the guise of a designer tee-shirt or a magazine filled with adverts of half-naked prepubescent starlets using hair cream or perfume.
Those stars that we have dispensed with, the ones that gamely hang on by their finger nails, are regurgitated to us in fawning tones briefly before they are consigned again to the dumpster.

Teenagers are invited to rebel. Indeed, when they don't, we often wonder as to their sanity.

Older people are instructed to comply. If they rebel, our opinion is clear on their sanity.

Many of us work hard to buy ourselves the luxury of time or escape, only to be distracted by shiny products along the way.

Some people succeed at the game we're playing. They believe it is a race, and that the more you acquire, the closer you come to winning. Life is probably happiest for them.

Others have firm objections to this world we've created, and often either dedicate their lives to trying to find a vernacular to describe it or focus their thoughts into a cause or two which they follow with a passion.

There are micro thinkers, whose bodies and minds dictate the world is seen at close quarters. Their desires may be love or companionship or to be in the race. Their bodies and minds are often tormented when their desires are not met.

Some of us are a combination of people, at different points in our lives we may be driven by different motivations.

And then some of us are just different, and for outsiders, our lives appear confusion, our motivations a combination of unknown points.

Most of you reading this are of course adequately described as normal. Going about your everyday life, wherever that may be, doing whatever you may do. Maybe you are happy and that is good. Many people of course confuse happiness with living a good life, and that is simply untrue.

However, if you are a normal person who is happy, then you can lead a good life, and if you've been patient enough to stay reading this until now, then at least you have one virtue.

I of course conceed to live a normal life, following a routine, trying not to cross the white line.

Maybe someday I'll learn to temper my dissatisfaction. Sigh.

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