Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Two days in captivity and I'm still kind of smiling - the blissful face of calm has been replaced with pained expression of biting lip with great force. Ergo, a grimace is a type of smile. First person I met was Anne on reception:

'Oh hello love, we haven't seen you around for a while'
'Hi Anne, that's right, was on my jolliers'

'Oh love, did you go anywhere nice pet?'

Aw, me old daisy indeed and I did. Let's face it, anywhere but here's nice, right?

Beaming smiles for five minutes and then the phone starts ringing and I'm back to pre-holiday bitterness. Think Bernard Black from Black Books but without the charm, 'splishy-splashy' or smokes (I stopped smoking four days ago and am unfortunately not permitted booze in work).

Only thirty eight more years of this and then death.

Anyway, I got news that I may be getting a bit of a salary rise. Only downside is that I'm going to have to delay the big trip by about three months. This would be fine, except that I chose to take the holiday as the perfect opportunity to tell anyone who would listen that I'm outta here in 10 months. Pressure (self imposed) is immense.

It would almost turn one to smoking. Oh well.

If I can't smoke anymore, maybe a few glasses of splishy-splashy would get rid of some of the numbness of modern day living? I plan to put this to the test - which is worse, chronic drinking or chronic smoking - may the experiment commence.

Your post (this post) was on target for smoking from all sides. It's interesting to know that many people don't understant smoking from all sides like you do. Good job.
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