Tuesday, September 27, 2005

floating midland

Had to drive to the midlands today for work. I think the name 'midlands' sounds quite Tolkien-esque, which is a bit of a compliment when you consider that I was headed to the car choked streets of Tullamore.

Anyway, the drive down was grand, lots of pleasant little sheep and roadworks, the usual. Although, thinking back on it, I doubt the sheep were little, they are normally all growed up by almost October, but what would I know about the size of sheep, city-slacker that I am, no pun intended.

Gerry Ryan was having angry rants about cyclists and cozy chats about the Ploughing Championships, currently underway in Mallow, Co. Cork. There are a lot of angry pro and anti cyclists, so it was just as well that the cruising speed of my 97 Ford Fiesta made it nearly impossible to hear what they were all saying.

I was able to focus my attention on what I normally do on car journeys in Ireland -

a. Snigger at how furiously hick a lot of things are

Aw, the golden age of Irish Architecture / Signage circa 1964-79 - when sadly it stopped, until around 2003, when a movement 'the cute hoors' (aka developers) decided to fling lumpy detached houses in estates, the kind of estates and houses that middle-class Dublinese would have sold their last pelmet for back in 1995, and GAWD, only if it was in the right locale, yah know? in carelessly-chosen locales around the country to sell to the Dublin eejits for a lotta euro, who cares if there is no childcare, transport, education?)

b. Almost cry with the beauty of the sights

Everyone knows it - the green, the sheep (afore-mentioned), the fields. That's about it really in the midlands, but between rain showers, it looked rather nice.

c. Enjoy the feeling of running late due to roadworks

There are no words. Just lots of men, with lolly-pop signs that seem to say 'STOP' for an awful long time.

d. Daydream

And I'm obviously not going to divulge what that was about.

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