Sunday, September 18, 2005

day before tomorrow

I'm back from Kerry. Beautiful landscape - ferns and grasses mixed with heathers of different colours and those big rocks, dramatic coast road around the ring, cliffs giving way to the atlantic.

Very relaxing.

Craic was mighty - lovely to catch up with my good friend. Nice beer, great food, lovely chats and laughs, great pubs. Felt like we were really welcomed, as they knew everyone, who in turn were therefore friends to us. Trying to keep the pub open after hours we were referred to as the Italian cousins, who had travelled from Rome to get a pint of the black stuff. Aw, the Kerry wit, didn't keep the put open, probably on account of our earnest Dublin accents.

Hung around a celtic fort, didn't arrive at a chocolate factory until it was closed. Scaled a ruined castle. All good clean fun. Kerry is a beautiful county, very much its own place. While Donegal has a ragged, rough beauty, and Galway has a pretty charm, Kerry has its own distinct beauty, less manicured than west Cork.

I suppose I would say that - ancestors of mine fled from there to Dublin, only to spend the greater part of their lives buying the Kerryman in their local newsagency, and wishing they could return to the Conor Pass. I don't know why, as they maintained they had no shoes, they were often so hungry that they ate raw turnip and their only entertainment was playing handball against a wall. Monty Python eat your heart out.

The drive is the only downside, think it took us over six hours going down. Ok, we stopped briefly, but still. And just under six on the way back.

Back to work tomorrow. Blah. At points, my two weeks off seemed elastic, growing and growing in front of my eyes.

As always is, at the end of a good thing, now they seem to have flown by. I just don't really think I care to work anymore. Which is a bit of a bothersome shame, as I'm going to have to spend my adult life doing same.

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