Monday, August 29, 2005

Blue Saturday

Good-bye the Boys in Blue for another year. Dublin were knocked out of the Championship by the sadly, better than us, Tyrone.

Thanks to the Dublin team for an exciting, knee-knocking, roller-coaster ride of a few months. I've shouted myself hoarse, dressed head to toe in blue, prayed, held my breath, laughed, almost cried, and it is finally over. All credit to them, they worked their little shorts off, and most admirably of all, it was for the county, rather than for money.

And so little of Dublin is about anything other than money. 'Empty as a vacant lot' - Bono's words, but this is how I see my Dublin at the moment. Maybe I'm missing something, this could just be me taking my current experience and seeing it everywhere - in the trees, traffic, queues, angry crowd, shops, advertising, faces of my friends and family.

They offer us 100% mortgages now, invisible debt to buy ever dearer houses. We're told we look old in our twenties, that we need ever more drastic face-creams to still our sagging skin. Noone I know wants to have babies, that would be too adult by far. The few that have are seen as socially irksome, needing to get the last bus home.

Friends faces that plead at me, reflecting my own angst about credit card debt we don't know how to pay off. SUVs crowd the roads, full of angry women and men, why are they so angry?

Children so sophisticated they can't hold a conversation where each sentence resounds in 'I'. Little girls with oceans of dolls, too many to name, 'that doesn't matter silly'.

The Dublin matches were light entertainment, a moment of unity with my fellow Dubliner, something to talk about in work, that wasn't cars, houses or work based. Maybe next year, who knows? Won't be here myself - off on my big voyage next June - but maybe next year we'll get the 'Sam', as my good friend Faraday said - 'this city needs it'.

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