Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Morning...

Today is special already and I'm spooked. Never do I wake up voluntarily, never do I jump out of bed early.

That's not true. I'm still a sucker for birthdays and christmas, but that's not cool - shows a certain reluctance to grow up - so lets just say, it is very rare that I find:

1. the sun is streaming through the window, and it causes me to wake
2. this is not a source of annoyance to me, which is unusual
3. especially when you consider how much wine (white, red, champagne, you name it, I'm not fussy) I drank at the barbeque last night
4. and the vast variety of alcohol I injested all weekend
5. and the fact that my stomach feels like a leaden weight of barbequed grease
6. despite this, I leap (somewhat shakily - my head's fuzzy) out of said bed
7. even though there is the prospect of lazy cuddles half asleep beside me
8. and here I sit, confused, tapping on the keyboard.

A very strange day indeed. Being morbid, despite the leaping (no I'm not a leaping nun, I mean out of bed), I'm now beginning to feel uneasy, a bit look over the shoulder and shiverish.

Maybe this is why people such as I sleep in all the time. Perhaps there is a reason why people like me sleep in - maybe I've messed with the world's buzz, in some sort of chaos theory, butterfly (insert Irish elephant girl) wings flapping way.

Now I'm very freaked. Maybe I should go back to bed and sleep it out.

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